Upcoming Training

At Secure Start® we offer a range of training opportunities for individuals and organisations. In addition to our CARE and Triple-A curricula, we can offer tailored training to your group or organisation. Our trainer and Principal Clinical Psychologist, Colby Pearce, delivers highly regarded training to professional and lay audiences in Australia, the UK, and Ireland.


We have three significant training endeavours booked in across the balance of this 2020 and into 2021:

  • We are providing training in therapeutic care and practice as part of the local Aboriginal kinship care initiative here in South Australia. This training extends that which was delivered as part of the Kinship CARE Project. For more information about the Kinship CARE Project, click here.
  • We are also returning to a regional school to conduct a follow-up project incorporating child assessments and staff training along similar lines to that which was delivered some twelve years ago and referenced in Colby’s book about promoting resilience in children. For more information about our past project, click here.
  • Finally, Colby is training staff of a local organisation in the delivery of trauma-informed psychotherapy with children and young people, as part of a initiative funded via the Department for Human Services.

Unfortunately, with our ongoing commitments to providing a psychotherapy service to children and young people in Belair and two regional locations this will probably be as much training as we can take on until next year.

If you were thinking of engaging Colby for a training initiative you can still register your interest but we ask that you be mindful of the above-mentioned constraints.

To discuss the training needs of your group or organisation, contact us.