Staff Development and Mentoring

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Our Principal Clinical Psychologist, Colby Pearce, offers a range of staff development and mentoring options for individuals and groups, in organisations and practice settings that service clients who have experienced relational trauma and other adversities during the developmental period.

Whether you are a leader, decision-maker, or front-line worker, Colby will undertake to develop and extend your knowledge and practice and, in particular, your capacity to reflect on, answer, and implement key deliverables in relation to these three fundamental practice questions:

  • What is really going on here?
  • What can I/we do to respond to what is really going on here?
  • What does success in my/our endeavour look like?

Colby currently works with a number of organizations, including private care and protection consultancy, Connecting Families.

To find out more about how Colby can assist you or your organisation to be more attachment-aware, trauma-informed, and trauma-responsive, contact Colby at: