Trauma and Regulation

Welcome to this self-paced learning module, originally delivered to kinship carers of Australian Aboriginal Children.

Before we get started, I would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands I live and work on, and the continuing connection Aboriginal people feel to land, waters, culture and community. I would also like to pay respects to ancestors past, present, and emerging.

My name is Colby Pearce and across the past twenty -eight years I have worked continuously in the child protection space, as an employee and independent contractor for the statutory child protection body in South Australia. I support teams that work in child protection and out-of-home care. I have developed and delivered programs in South Australia and Ireland. Most workdays I talk to children and young people who are recovering from a tough start to life, and adults who interact with them in care and/or professional roles.

The brief for this two-hour session was to deliver content on how early trauma impacts the developing in central nervous system and how to regulate known challenges that arise.

In preparing for delivery I was acutely aware of how multi-faceted the topic is and that broad coverage goes beyond the time set aside for this session. To support access to additional information of relevance to the topic I have included links to other sources of information, including other self-paced learning modules on this site.

I hope you take something positive from this module and invite you to contact me with feedback if you would be happy to give it.

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Disclaimer: Please note that advice provided may not be suitable in all circumstances and does not seek to replace direct assistance from a relevantly trained and experienced mental health or child welfare professional.