Connected Classrooms

Schools play a vital role in helping children and young people to recover from a tough start to life, and thrive. Our Connected Classrooms programme has been successfully delivered in South Australia, with more than 99% of participant ratings reflecting that the content was informative, practical, and useful, and that they would recommend the programme to other schools.

Connected Classrooms is also delivered in Donegal, Ireland, by our trained trainers in the TUSLA (Child and Family Agency) Fostering Service.

The Connected Classrooms programme is intended to help education personnel answer three key questions that inform trauma- and adversity-informed and responsive practice with respect to children and young people who are recovering from a tough start to life:

  • What is really going on here?
  • What can I/we do to respond to what is really going on here?
  • What does success in my/our endeavour look like?

The Connected Classrooms programme is currently accessible in Australia and Co. Donegal, Ireland via our local trainers.

Here is a sneak peak of the content:

If you would like to know more about the Connected Classrooms Programme, contact Colby at: