Reparative Attachment Therapy

Reparative Attachment Therapy is the name used to refer to Colby’s therapeutic approach when treating children who have experienced the devastating effects of abuse, neglect, family violence and loss during their early developmental years.

Attachment Colby Pearce

Key elements of Colby’s approach appear in his 2009 publication, A Short Introduction to Attachment and Attachment Disorder (London; Jessica Kingsley Publishers). The description of Colby’s approach, as it appears in this book, relates to the context in which Reparative Attachment Therapy is practised and the establishment and maintenance of the all-important therapeutic relationship or alliance.




Repairing Attachments CompressedA more detailed description of Colby’s approach was published in December 2012 in the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy’s periodical, Children and Young People. Titled Repairing Attachments, this article is a good starting point to learn more about specific approaches and techniques employed by Colby when practising Reparative Attachment Therapy.




BACP Hand CompressedIf you want to learn more about Colby’s therapeutic approach, he is available for individual supervision and the provision of training workshops. To arrange supervision or training for you and/or your staff, please contact us or email Colby directly at