Self-Care: Problem-solving is stressful

This is the “Nine-Dot Problem”. Your task is to join all the dots with four straight lines, without taking your pen/pencil off the page. Give it a try.

It is difficult, isn’t it? Problem-solving can be challenging and stressful.

The point here is that if our thoughts determine what we see and that problems to solve is what we instinctively orient to, this can leave us in quite a state; especially if the problems to solve are big and/or challenging and/or numerous.

Our thoughts can lead to our own experience of overwhelm, where we no longer think at our best, feel at our best, and perform at our best. This can result in further problems!

Problem-solving increases the speed of our motor. In combination with unhelpful thoughts about our performance in the role, it can increase the chances of reaching the ‘red line’, where behaviours associated with the fight-flight-freeze response occur.

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