Attachment Style

Attachment style is another concept central to attachment theory. A child or young person’s attachment style reflects their attachment relationships. Some attachment relationships are more influential, but all contribute in some way to a child or young person’s attachment style. Attachment style can be thought of as a spectrum of attachment security, from secure at one end, to disordered at the other. Where a child or young person sits on that spectrum of security is contributed to by, and reflects, their experience of attachment relationships.

A child or young person’s overall attachment style plays an influential role in their development, wellbeing, and approach to life and relationships. For an overview of the role of attachment in these aspects of the child’s functioning I recommend accessing A Short Introduction to Attachment and Attachment Disorder (Second Edition).


  1. Overall, what do you think is the child or young person’s attachment style?
  2. What has been some of the major influences over their attachment style?

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