Helping Children and Young People to Realise Their Potential

Promoting a young person’s competence and capacity to cope with living independently in adulthood is a universal concern of adults in a caregiving role. Nowhere is this greater than among carers of children who have had a difficult start to life due to abuse, neglect and other forms of adversity. Early adversity can leave children without the foundations for the growth and development that support successful transition to independence in adulthood, thereby extending early adversity to lifelong disadvantage.

After attending this interactive workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify qualities in children that play an important role in them realising their potential to be independent and resilient;
  • Identify key aspects of caregiving and relationships that play an important role children in supporting the development of these qualities; and
  • Develop a parenting plan that might be expected to play an important role in supporting children to realise their potential to be independent and resilient.

The desirable qualities are secure attachment, optimal arousal for performance, wellbeing and mastery, and trust in accessibility to needs provision. This is the Triple-A Model that forms the basis of the Triple-A Model of Therapeutic Care – currently in the third year of implementation in Donegal, Ireland. The key aspects of caregiving and relating are Consistency, Accessibility, Responsiveness and Emotional-Connectedness; the CARE Model that can be found in A Short Introduction to Attachment and Attachment Disorder (Second Edition) and which forms the conceptual framework for the Kinship CARE Project in South Australia.

The workshop incorporates verbal content, learning activities and reflective activity. It spans 3.5 hours, with a break.

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