Secure Start®

Committed to strong families, resilient children and informed organisations

Hi! My name is Colby Pearce and I am the owner/operator of Secure Start®.  Through Secure Start I offer a range of services, including:

  • Psychological intervention for children, teens and families;
  • Consultancy services in child protection, out-of-home care and mental health service provision;
  • Teaching, training and supervision; and
  • Program development, implementation and evaluation.

Across more than twenty-five years I have contributed to professional and community knowledge and practices in the areas of:

  • Teen mental health and suicide prevention;
  • Childhood attachment and resilience;
  • Psychological intervention with children who have experienced abuse, neglect and family/relationship trauma; and
  • Therapeutic care and management of children and teens.

In addition to my day-to-day consultations with children, teens and families, I am currently working on two major projects:

  1. The implementation of the CARE* Therapeutic Framework in Relative/Kinship Care in South Australia; and
  2. The implementation of the Triple-A Model of Care among TUSLA foster carers in Donegal, Ireland.

Access Triple-A Flier here.

Access CARE Flier here.

If you would like to know more about the major projects I am involved in, or would like to discuss new projects and/or possible collaboration, do get in touch with me via the form below, or contact Secure Start.

*Pearce, C (2016), A Short Introduction to Attachment and Attachment Disorder (Second Edition), London: Jessica Kingsley