What to expect

Secure Start psychologists believe psychotherapy is most helpful when children want to attend. We work to ensure that most children will want to attend and participate in psychotherapy by ensuring the following:

  • That psychotherapy sessions incorporate fun
  • That children are reassured that they do not have to talk about anything that will upset them unless they want to
  • That children feel that the reasons for their behaviour and emotions are understood
  • That there is a focus on strengthening children by encouraging closer dependency relationships with their parents or caregivers, rather than weakening children by focusing on bad behaviour and reinforcing that they are bad.

Psychotherapy will incorporate:

  • Therapeutic interactions with your child
  • Therapeutic interactions with a parent or parents to advise regarding parenting practices that strengthen relationships, thereby strengthening children
  • Interactions with school personnel (if required).

Parenting advice will include:

  • Assisting parents and caregivers to better understand why their child engages in the behaviour or emotional displays that are seen to be problematic
  • Making parents and caregivers awesome figures in the eyes of their children, such that their children can rely on them for their knowledge, their understanding and their ability to assist with resolving difficulties
  • Advising parents and caregivers about the important role of nervous system activation levels (arousal) has in children’s behaviour and emotions and ways to achieve optimum arousal states
  • Advising parents and caregivers about the important role of a positive outlook about oneself and others and how to facilitate this in children
  • Advising parents and caregivers about the important role of having needs met and how to ensure that children do not worry too much about this.

Finally, we will do everything we can to ensure that your child achieves the happiness and security that is essential to them achieving their potential.