At Secure Start we offer programs based on the Triple-A Model of Therapeutic Care and the CARE Therapeutic Framework. Both programs were developed by Colby Pearce, are based in psychological science, but are delivered in an accessible way. Both programs inform about what you need to know about the therapeutic care of children and young people who have experienced early adversity, and what you need to do to support their recovery and growth.

Each program includes complementary training for carers and professionals. It is important that carers and professionals are able to communicate with each other effectively, and having complementary training supports this. Communication supports connection, and supporting therapeutic connections is at the heart Triple-A and CARE.

Training for professionals incorporates a practice framework that supports fidelity. Professionals are trained in embodying the model in their practice.

There is a special focus on self-care, in order that participants feel able to realise their aspirations on behalf of children who have had a tough start to life.

Currently, Colby is delivering in Australia and Ireland:

  • Triple-A is entering it’s fourth year of implementation with TUSLA (Child and Family Agency) staff and carers in Donegal, Ireland.
  • CARE is being implemented in the Department for Child Protection’s (DCP) Kinship Care Program in South Australia.

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Trauma Informed Resources:

Click here for more information and to access our resource for carers of children who are recovering from a tough start to life.
Click here for more information and to access our new resource for teachers who are managing children who are recovering from a tough start to life.

To access a range of free resources suitable for parents/carers, teachers and health/social care professionals, click the image below: