National Disability Insurance Scheme

Our psychologists are approved providers under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Our psychologists offer a range of services under the NDIS, including early intervention services to address a range of emotional and behavioural concerns.

At Secure Start® we recognise that relationships are central to your child’s wellbeing and adjustment, as well as their achieving their developmental potential. We focus on the promotion of strong and healthy relationships that support your child’s wellbeing, adjustment and developmental progress. For more information about the rationale for our focus on relationships click here.

Resilience Colby PearceOnly at Secure Start will you be able to access the Triple-A Model of Therapeutic Care. The Triple-A approach to the therapeutic care of children is relevant for all children, though particularly relevant to those who have and continue to experience adversity. Triple-A supports healthy relationships and resilience. An introduction to the theoretical and practical basis for Triple-A is accessible through reading either of Colby’s books, especially A Short Introduction to Promoting Resilience in Children.


Please contact us to access our professional services offered as part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme.