Intern Training Clinic

The Secure Start Intern Training Clinic provides psychology services to the general public. Our services are both affordable and professional. Services are by appointment and do not require a medical referral.

The Secure Start Intern Training Clinic is staffed by Psychology Interns completing a Board-Approved supervised practice program under the supervision of Secure Start Principal Clinical Psychologist, Colby Pearce.


The Clinic operates on a fee-for-service basis.  Fees (usually GST exempt) for attending the Clinic are:

Individual consultations Fees
Concession Card holders and Pensioners $15 per hour*
Standard Fee $30 per hour*

The Secure Start Intern Training Clinic operates during normal office hours, Monday to Friday. To make an appointment, please contact us on (08) 8278-9358 and ask to be booked into the “Intern Training Clinic”.


* Charged to the nearest half hour.  Therapy sessions are usually 60 minutes in length. Psychometric assessments are charged at a different rate. Fees are current as at 14/11/2014.  Fees may change without notice.

Please note: The Secure Start Intern Training Clinic will not accept any referrals in matters where there is ongoing Court proceedings.